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Grape Galena

Written by
Candre Cannabis
Published on
November 1, 2022


Grape Galena

The Grape Galena Flower Room here at our Calyptra facility is a sight to see! This cultivar shows off in vibrant shades of purple and as harvest day approaches the leaves begin to darken and become almost black in colour. The buds harvested from Grape Galena are purple-silver, dense, and covered in creamy trichomes; they’ve been described as looking a lot like moon rocks! 

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Grape Galena in Vegetation Room & in Flower Room
Grape Galena in Vegetation Room & in Flower Room


Candre Cannabis’ Grape Galena was originally bred by Cake & Caviar and is a cross between (OGKB x Lost Sailor) x Platinum Kush. We received the genetics for Grape Galena from Mother Labs (

Grape Galena: Day 56 of Flower.

Terps, taste, and smell 

Alert your taste buds because this cultivar is grapes all day, baby! Grape Galena’s dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, and humulene which create a full-bodied red wine, delicious berry, grape candy, earthy flavour and aroma. 

Grape Galena will leave you feeling blissful, calm, and heavy. You can expect a relaxing, euphoric high with a good chance of couch-lock. 

Grape Galena’s THC comes in between 20 and 24% with total terpenes between 2.5 and 3.5%. 

Young Grape Galena in the Flower Room.

Notes from the Grow(ers) 

It is so satisfying to see the deep black and purple progress throughout the bud and as that happens the sweet grape smell strengthens as well. I have the biggest smile every time I walk into a Grape Galena room!” Nathan, Irrigation Lead.

Grape Galena is available from Tommy’s Craft Cannabis. Pre-rolls and dried flower can be found in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and online from Mendo Medical. 


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Want to learn more about our growing process here at Candre Cannabis? Click here. 

Candre Cannabis is a licensed Canadian craft cannabis producer located in Sundre, Alberta, Canada.

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