Our Brands

A range of brands that complement each other to bring you the best of the best. Curated for you. We have a brand for everyone.

Queen of Bud

Bringing top shelf cannabis to present and future enthusiasts and connoisseurs, while shifting how people view cannabis.

Featuring strains such as A-13 Haze, Deadlights CBD, Rosetta Stone, and Temple Kush.

Queen of bud logo.
Tommy's Craft Cannabis logo.

Tommy's Craft Cannabis

The Choice of Legends - “Because Something Good Always Happens at 4:20”

- Building Community
- Accessible Craft Cannabis
- Old School Reverence

Featuring strains such as Cake #9, Cherry Punch, Crescendo, and Grape Galena.

Violet Tourist

A craft grower and the curators of the new age Mini J's and classic Superflower.

Featuring strains such as Galaxy, Lilac Diesel, Powdered Donuts, and Sour OG Cheese.

Violet Tourist Cannabis logo.
Calyptra Light Cannabis logo.

Calyptra Light

Seasonal strains in innovative formats that are ready-to-go and easy to enjoy!

Featuring strains such as Mangopuff Lemon Cake, Serroquel, and NSFW.

Our Pre-Roll Partners

We are the exclusive pre-roll provider for beloved Alberta brands like Joi Botanicals, Prairie Grass, Cannagora's Popcorn and Sugar Shack.

JOI botanicals logo.Prairie Grass logo.Popcorn Cannabis logo.Sugar Shack logo.
Candre Cannabis pre-rolls.

Come On, Let’s Grow!

Check out the strains we grow for these fabulous brands.

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